Bio-medical Carbon Technology (BCT) was established in 2010, bringing together researchers from diverse backgrounds and disciplines including clinical medicine, biomedicine, scientific material and carbon fiber. We develop professional and medical grade silver activated carbon fiber wound dressings that have received patents in several countries around the world. Our products have been sold in the US, Europe, China and Southeast Asia.

Our professional team combines knowledge and innovation to create reliable activated carbon fiber wound dressing products. Our products not only comply with ISO 10993 regarding various evaluation of medical device biocompatibility, but also are clinically proven to provide excellent effect on acute, chronic, diabetic and non-healing wounds. Our products can alleviate pain, reduce odor and accelerate wound healing process. These are truly innovative invention and one-of-a-kind dressing products.

With a worldwide operation scope, Bio-medical Carbon Technology continues to recruit professional experts for the research and promotion of our products in hope of providing more diverse high-end wound care products in the future. BCT is a wound care expert you can trust.