Antimicrobial Dressing

ISO 13485

United States Patents

USP 6,156,287 7,687,433 7,517,536 B2

Indication:General trauma, abrasions, post-surgical wounds / diabetes mellitus, pressure sores and other chronic wounds / first & second-degree burns / wounds caused by tumors or chemotherapy / wounds at the donor site and graft site / intubation site / full thickness & partial-thickness wounds

KoCarbonAg is a new generation silver activated carbon fiber dressing clinically proven to provide antimicrobial effect.

KoCarbonAg Antimicrobial Dressing™ is designed for infectious acute/chronic wounds and difficult wounds. The lining (wound contact layer) of KoCarbonAg® Antimicrobial Dressing™ is primarily composed of PET non-woven fabric, silver activated carbon fiber fabric and PE membrane. The Antimicrobial Dressing contains silver at a level of 0.1 mg/cm2. When in contact with the wound, the bandage will provide excellent absorption and moisturizing effect to absorb blood exudate and bacteria and provide a moist environment for the wound. The silver ions in the dressing can inhibit the growth of bacteria absorbed by the dressing from the wound, and form an antimicrobial barrier that prevents infection and reduces wound odor.

The activated carbon fiber in the KoCarbonAg® Antimicrobial Dressing™ can moisturize the wound. It creates a moist environment for the wound to recover and shortens healing time. The dressing can be cut into the size of the wound. The low adhesion wound contact layer can effectively reduce the adhesion with the wound and reduce the pain when changing the dressing.


1. Provides protection and kills all kinds of bacteria

It is indicated for infectious wounds and will not induce drug-resistance; relieves pain, improves wound healing and promotes epithelialization.
Provides 97.92% bactericidal effect on the multidrug-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii [AB bacterium] and 99.99%bactericidal effect on both drug-resistant Staphylococcus aureus and multidrug-resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

2. Microporous Structure

Absorbs bacteria and tissue exudate from the wound, and reduces wound odor.

3. Blocks ultraviolet radiation, and prevents pigmentation

4. Shortens wound healing time, and cuts down medical costs

5. Can be cut into the size and shape of the wound

6. Porous and moisturizing, and provides a moist environment for wound healing

7. Does not affect X-ray or MRI examination

Product No. Product Specification Package Photo
DASNN0505 2" X 2" 5 pieces/box
DASNN0520 2" X 8" 5 pieces/box
DASNN1010 4" X 4" 5 pieces/box
DASNN2020 8" X 8" 5 pieces/box
DASNN025100 1" X 4" 5 pieces/box
DASNN025200 1" X 8" 5 pieces/box
Direction for Use

Please follow the instructions recommended by medical professionals.



  1. Please clean or shave the hair surrounding the wound depending on its condition in order to apply the dressing.

  2. Clean the wound with normal saline.

  3. Wipe and dry the skin around the wound.

Cover the wound

  1. Choose the size of the dressing that completely covers the wound (the dressing should have a diameter preferably 2~3 cm larger than the wound).

  2. With the black side facing the wound, apply the dressing to the wound.

  3. Use permeable tape or suitable bandage to secure the dressing to the appropriate location.

  4. For heavy exudate, use an extra layer of gauze on top of the dressing.

Remove/change dressing

  1. Lift the dressing gently by the four corners and remove it from the wound.

  2. If adhesion forms at the wound, please rinse the wound with proper amount of normal saline.

  3. When 80% of the dressing is saturated with exudates from the wound, please change the dressing in accordance with the method described above.

  1. If black powders are found in the package or near the wound when changing the dressing (the black powders can be cleaned with normal saline), please do not worry as this is normal for activated carbon fiber.

  2. It is normal to feel tingling when using the dressing.

  3. It is advised to change the dressing based on the condition of the exudation. To avoid risk of infection, do not re-use the product.

  4. This product is for external use only.

  5. If redness, swelling, pain, or burning sensation occurs near the wound after use, please stop using the product and consult medical professionals.

  6. If PE membrane detaches from the dressing when changing the dressing, the dressing has absorbed too much exudate. It does not implicate a defect in the product. Please do not re-use the dressing.

  7. For third-degree burns, infectious wounds, wounds with exposed bones or tendons, or other conditions beyond the scope indicated by the original product design, please consult medical professionals to assess whether the product is appropriate for use in these wounds.

  8. After using the product in accordance with standard wound handling procedure, please consult medical professionals to re-assess the treatment plan if the wound appears abnormal.

  9. After use, please place the used product in the bag and dispose of it in non-recycle bin. Do not dispose of it carelessly.


  1. Please store at room temperature in a dry environment. Avoid direct sunlight.

  2. Expiry date is as shown on the box.


  1. To avoid adhesion at the wound, do not use the dressing with oil-based medicinal liquor.

  2. This product is unsuitable for individuals allergic to carbon fiber and silver.

  3. If the package is broken or the dressing structure separates into several layers before use, please contact the customer service. Do not use it.

  4. Pregnant women and newborns must follow the doctor’s instruction for use.

  5. This product contains silver ions that provide excellent antimicrobial effect and can effectively inhibit inflammatory response. However, please do not replace systemic treatment or other appropriate medical procedures of infection treatment with this product.