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Specially designed welt can prevent compression and affecting blood circulation. The welt will stay on the leg without sliding down. The Lycra Elastic provides durability and basic porosity. Multi-porous design helps prevent heat and humidity. Heat and humidity is effectively reduced without affecting the texture. The soft Micro Modal silk absorbs moisture and wick away sweat. Elastic Lycra will not lose elasticity after repeat washing. It prevents abrasion on hypesthetic peripheral skin due to slow nerve function and structural deformity caused by incorrect walking posture. Artificially manufactured with professional machine to provide excellent durability. Extremely comfortable wear to provide decompression effect and enhanced sweat absorption for the feet.


1. High quality yarn absorbs moisture and wicks away sweat

2. Porous design prevents heat build-up

3. Comfortable welt design

4. Seamless design of welt to provide best care

5. Decompression sock bottom design


Special durable wide welt design

Extremely comfortable and permeable mesh design

Perfectly smooth and seamless design

Two-phase towel air chamber design

Target Population

Disabled / Geriatric / Office workers / Golfers

For the ever-changing weather in the spring, fall and winter seasons, cold weather or low temperature, outdoor activities, or when taking public transportation. For dry or vulnerable foot skin. Suitable for daily use for people with frequently tired feet.

Product No. Product Specification Package Photo
KCDW1 M-L 1Pair/box
KCDW2 L-XL 1Pair/box

Please choose the appropriate size according to the country-specific specification
>>> size reference chart

Direction for Use

Select proper size for elastic wear. It is advised not to wear the socks for over 1 hour for the first time. Increase the duration of use gradually. For best results, allow the body to completely adjust and adapt to the product.


1. Hand wash with clean water and press gently

2. Air dry after wash. Do not tumble dry