BCT Launches Calcium Alginate Dressing

06, Nov 2012

TAICHUNG, TAIWAN (November 6, 2012) – Bio-medical Carbon Technology, a leading global wound dressing developer and manufacturer, announced the launch of the BCT Calcium Alginate Dressing, a new wound dressing made of natural seaweeds and provides a large capacity to absorb wound exudates. An animal version of the BCT Calcium Alginate Dressing is also made available for a better care of animal wounds.

BCT Calcium Alginate Dressing is the company’s latest addition to its flagship activated carbon fiber wound dressings. The dressing is soft, hydrophilic and highly absorbent, so it can absorb large amounts of wound exudate and provides a moist wound environment, which promotes wound healing.

“We are excited to bring this excellent dressing to the market and our customer. Many patients suffer excess and large amounts of wound exudate, and the calcium alginate is the solution. We have done many experimental trials and received convincing results. The dressing is the latest complement to our activated carbon fiber wound dressing, and together, they provide a better wound cares to all people.”

BCT Calcium Alginate Dressing is extracted from natural seaweeds and highly absorbent. The dressing is indicated for moderate to heavily exuding wounds, chronic and acute wounds. The BCT Calcium Alginate Dressing is FDA approved and carrying CE Mark.


About Bio-medical Carbon Technology
Bio-medical Carbon Technology, BCT, develops and manufactures ionic silver coated activated carbon fiber wound care dressings. Its products with proven effectiveness backed by the laboratory tests and clinical trials can treat a broad range of wound types, both acute and chronic wounds. It is proven that its products provide an easy, gentle, faster wound healing. BCT operates worldwide and is supported by its professionals and ongoing development and research. For more information, please visit www.bm-carbon.com