Formosa Fun Coast dust explosion, BCT donated over 2000 pieces of antimicrobial dressing

03, Jul 2015

Formosa Fun Coast dust explosion caused many high surface area burn injuries to many patients. BCT (Bio-Medical Carbon Technology) donated over 2000 pieces of antimicrobial dressing and calcium alginate dressing to National Taiwan University Hospital, Taipei Veterans General Hospital, MacKay Memorial Hospital, Cathay General Hospital for emergency first aid.

BCT (Bio-Medical Carbon Technology) patented activated carbon fiber with silver Antimicrobial Dressing have received United States FDA, Taiwan TFDA, and certificates from different countries. Antimicrobial Dressing can shorten wound healing time in burn wounds, and also lower the possibility of having skin graft surgery. Silver on the BCT dressing can kill over 90% of bacteria within two hours, control infection and lessen pain. Activated Carbon Fiber can promote collagen fiber and TGF-B1 growth, and shorten wound healing time, and lower the possibility of getting scars. Burn wound patients have extremely sensitive and fragile skin, but Antimicrobial dressing PE film layer, the layer closest to the skin, can minimize adherence to the wound and prevent secondary trauma during dressing change. Burn patients have a lot of exudate and with BCT Calcium Alginate Dressing, can effectively control exudate, and also facilitate coagulation. BCT Calcium Alginate dressing is stronger and better than traditional dressing, it can also effectively absorb 20 times the dressing weight.

BCT hopes our advanced wound dressing can lessen the wound pain of patients suffering from this accident.



About Bio-medical Carbon Technology
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