BCT Receives Health Canada Clearances for BCT Antimicrobial Dressing and BCT Silver Bandage

22, Dec 2011

TAICHUNG, TAIWAN (December 22, 2011) -- Bio-medical Carbon Technology, a leading global wound dressing developer and manufacturer, announced today it received Class 2 clearances from the Health Canada for its BCT Antimicrobial Dressing and BCT Silver Bandage. The BCT Antimicrobial Dressing, which comprised silver-impregnated activated carbon fiber cloth, can treat a broad range of wound types. The BCT Silver Bandage, which is a variant of the BCT Antimicrobial Dressing, added an adhesive bandage to the dressing and provides the same level of antimicrobial activities.

“The clearance from Health Canada, along with the Taiwan FDA clearance, marks the second regulatory approval of the BCT Antimicrobial Dressing. The receipt of first regulatory approval from Health Canada is an important milestone for our BCT Silver Bandage. We are excited to bring both dressings to the Canadian market and proud of our professional team in the continued pursuit of effective wound dressings.”

BCT Antimicrobial Dressing is an antimicrobial hydrophilic dressing. The dressing is developed by patented silver coating technology with activated carbon fibers. The dressing can be used on both acute and chronic wounds.

BCT Silver Bandage which added an adhesive bandage to the BCT Antimicrobial Dressing can be used on smaller sized acute and chronic wounds.

To view the full Health Canada certificate for BCT Antimicrobial Dressing, click here
To view the full Health Canada certificate for BCT Silver Bandage, click here


科云生医科技(Bio-medical Carbon Technology, BCT)主要研发及生产含银活性碳纤维伤口敷料。我们的专业团队将知识及创新结合创造出值得大众信任的伤口照护产品。我们的产品经过多个实验室及多项临床实验证实,可以有效的治疗多种类型的急性和慢性伤口。根据用户经验,我们的产品提供了一个简单,舒适,快速的伤口愈合。我们的营运遍及全球并且有众多专业人才及不断持续的研究与发展。了解更多详情,请前往www.bm-carbon.com