BCT attend USA Orlando Superbones Superwounds East 2015

16, Mar 2015

Taichung, Taiwan(2015/3/14)

BCT (Bio medical Carbon Technology) attended Superbone Superowound East from 3/13/2015 to 3/15/2015 at Orlando, Florida. BCT invited Christopher Bromley, the Department Chair of Foot and Ankle Surgery of Vassar Medical Center, and Las Vegas based General Surgeon and Wound Care Specialist Dr. Ming-Wei Wu to present a symposium on Advanced Wounds and Surgical Dressing Technology. In the symposium KoCarbonAg Antimicrobial Dressing and Silver Bandage were introduce, and clinical trials done in United States were shown.

Orlando Superbones Superwounds East 2015 is in its 16th year, it is the biggest wound care conference in Eastern United States. Over 4000 medical personnel from around United States and around the world participated in this conference. During the conference period, over 40 orthopedic doctors presented on wound care, and over 50 wound care manufacturers participated in this conference.

BCT specially invited Dr. Christopher Bromley from Vassar Medical Center and Wound care specialist Dr. Ming-Wei Wu to present on KoCarbonAg Antimicrobial Dressing and Silver Bandages and its use in clinical studies in the United States. The presentation was well received by doctors, nurses and medical personnel, and they express interest in KoCarbonAg. DR. Christopher Bromley has over 25 years medical practitioner experience, he is New York Vassar Brothers Medical Center top foot surgeon, and a famous orthopedic surgeon in Eastern United States. Dr. Ming Wei Wu is a top general surgeon in Western United States, and has over 10 years of medical practitioner experience.

BCT received US FDA 510(K) since April 2014, and have been promoting KoCarbonAg Antimicrobial Dressing and Silver Bandage to the U.S. market, to allow US patients access to better healthcare. BCT brought together two doctors, Dr. Christpher Bromley, an orthopedic specialist and Dr. Ming-Wei Wu, a wound care specialist to show medical personnel in the United States KoCarbonAg Antimicrobial Dressing and Silver Bandage and the dressing ability to treat chronic, acute, diabetic, and bedsore wounds. KoCarbonAg will continue to be promoted throughout hospitals in the United States.









About Bio-medical Carbon Technology
Bio-medical Carbon Technology, BCT, develops and manufactures ionic silver coated activated carbon fiber wound care dressings. Its products with proven effectiveness backed by the laboratory tests and clinical trials can treat a broad range of wound types, both acute and chronic wounds. It is proven that its products provide an easy, gentle, faster wound healing. BCT operates worldwide and is supported by its professionals and ongoing development and research. For more information, please visit www.bm-carbon.com