BCT Received Three U.S. Patents

20, Oct 2010

Taichung, Taiwan (December 20, 2010) – BCT, a leading wound dressing developer and manufacturer, today announced it has received three U.S. patents on Method for Preparing PAN-based Activated Carbon Fabrics, Method of fabricating product of activated carbon supporting silver and Antimicrobial compositions and wound dressings with USP number of 6156287, 7687433, 7517536 B2, respectively.


About Bio-medical Carbon Technology
Bio-medical Carbon Technology, BCT, develops and manufactures ionic silver coated activated carbon fiber wound care dressings. Its products with proven effectiveness backed by the laboratory tests and clinical trials can treat a broad range of wound types, both acute and chronic wounds. It is proven that its products provide an easy, gentle, faster wound healing. BCT operates worldwide and is supported by its professionals and ongoing development and research. For more information, please visit www.bm-carbon.com